Members, Terms, Appointing Authority

The members of the Board are appointed from each governmental agency financially supporting the Library on a regular basis. The Newton County Board of Commissioners appoints five of the members. Each of these members is appointed to a three year term that can be renewed twice. The three remaining members serve as direct representatives of the Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners, the Mayor of the City of Covington, and the Newton County Superintendent of Schools. These members serve at the pleasure of their respective appointing official. The officials can choose to sit on the Board themselves in lieu of appointing a representative.

Newton County Library System Board of Trustees

Zach Ames Newton County BOC District 1 06/30/2022
Rev. Yvonne English Newton County BOC District 2 06/30/2022
Melissa Feuer Newton County BOC District 3 06/30/2022
Bobbie Shepherd Newton County BOC District 4 06/30/2023
Carroll Moss Newton County BOC District 5 06/30/2023
Brigette P. Washington Newton County BOC Chair *
Dr. Steve Whatley - Chair Newton County Board of Education *
Frank Turner - Treasurer City of Covington *
Lace Keaton - Director

* These Board members serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority with an indefinite term length.

Letters to Library Board Members can be addressed in care of:

Newton County Library System
7116 Floyd Street
Covington, Georgia 30014